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Green Globe Certification is the gold standard in sustainability programs, recognized worldwide for its longevity and credibility. As trailblazers in the travel and tourism industry, we proudly leverage this prestigious certification to showcase our environmental commitment and our dedication to the well-being and prosperity of our location.

Embracing the challenge, we set our sights on obtaining Green Globe certification for our stunning property in Maldives Kooddoo. Our unwavering goal is to continuously elevate our sustainability efforts, ensuring consistent year-to-year improvements.

At Mercure Maldives Kooddoo, sustainability isn’t just a word; it’s a way of doing business. We live by the principles of environmental consciousness and acknowledge our responsibility to our planet. While our guests’ comfort and happiness remain paramount, we pledge to conduct our operations sustainably, taking every possible step to minimize our impact on the environment and preserve it for generations to come.

Mercure Maldives Kooddoo’s Sustainability Management Plan (SMP)


The Sustainability Management Plan is designed to guide decision-making within our group, ensuring it aligns with our objectives of enhancing sustainability, reducing long-term environmental impact, and improving the welfare of our employees, guests, and the surrounding environment. This plan serves as a blueprint for conducting daily business operations sustainably, considering environmental, socio-cultural, quality, and health & safety aspects.


Energy Conservation Objectives

– Utilize green energy sources.

– Reduce CO2 emissions.

– Optimize energy efficiency in our facilities.

– Decrease energy expenses.


Waste Management Objectives

– Reduce water consumption.

– Minimize non-recyclable waste.

– Increase waste recycling rates.

– Achieve Green Globe certification.

– Foster sustainable decision-making.

– Develop a business strategy centered on sustainability, quality, safety, and health.


Satisfaction Goals

– Enhance customer commitment.

– Measure and improve customer satisfaction through surveys.

– Educate clients on responsible waste management practices.

– Share information on our CSR projects with clients.


Training Objectives

– Raise awareness of our company’s CSR among employees.

– Ensure all employees understand environmental policies.

– Provide recycling training for colleagues.

– Train at least one department per year in sustainability.



This Sustainability Management Plan encompasses all activities at Mercure Maldives Kooddoo Resorts, involving colleagues, customers, guests, business partners, owners, stakeholders, and the broader environment.



– Green Globe Certification Standard and Guide to Certification

– Acting under Planet 21



We view Green Globe Certification as the gold standard for sustainable travel and tourism. It allows us, as leaders in the industry, to confidently showcase our commitment to environmental responsibility and the well-being of our location. Our goal is to continuously enhance our sustainability efforts and consistently improve with each yearly renewal.

Sustainability at Mercure Maldives Kooddoo Resorts means conducting our business while being mindful of global environmental concerns and our responsibility towards the environment. While guest well-being remains paramount, we commit to sustainable operations that minimize our impact on the environment.

We believe that our guests, staff, and the environment are equally important. Our Sustainability Management Plan ensures the well-being of colleagues, customers, business partners, owners, stakeholders, the environment, and the property.


Our Sustainability Management Plan encompasses four key areas

  1. Environmental: Actively engage in resource conservation, use renewable energy, reduce pollution, and protect biodiversity, ecosystems, and landscapes.
  2. Socio-cultural: Contribute to community development, support local employment, practice fair trade, and respect local communities and colleagues.
  3. Quality: Sustain economic viability through superior service, benefit colleagues, customers, business partners, owners, and stakeholders
  4. Health & Safety: Comply with health and safety regulations, ensure the safety of guests and colleagues, and maintain a safe workplace.


A1. Improvement of a Sustainable Management Plan:

– Develop and maintain the SMP, aligning it with environmental, socio-cultural, quality, and health & safety aspects.

– Commit to continuous SMP improvement.

– Comply with applicable legislation and regulations.

– Establish objectives and targets, document policies, and communicate them effectively.

– Make SMP accessible to all interested parties and review it regularly for relevance.


A2. Renewable Energy Initiatives:

– Install solar PV panels on rooftops for sustainable energy generation.

– Commission solar power plants to reduce reliance on non-renewable sources.


A3. Legal Compliance:

– Adhere to Maldivian and international laws and regulations.

– Maintain up-to-date insurance policies and safety measures.


A4. Colleague Training:

– Ensure colleagues’ awareness of CSR initiatives.

– Provide environmental policy training.

– Conduct recycling training.

– Train at least one department per year in sustainability.


A5. Customer Satisfaction:

– Monitor and act on customer feedback.

– Review and monitor internal quality performance.

– Maintain truthful and ethical promotional materials.


A6. Accuracy of Promotional Materials:

– Ensure all promotional materials align with company standards and local regulations.

– Provide truthful information to guests.


A7. Local Zoning, Design, and Construction:

– Respect local environments and minimize disturbance.

– Use eco-friendly materials and sustainable design.

– Engage in refurbishments with a focus on sustainability.


A8. Interpretative Tourism:

– Educate guests about local culture and the environment.

– Promote interaction with the local community.

– Organize Maldivian-themed events and expeditions.


A9. Communications Strategy:

– Transparently communicate sustainability efforts to guests.

– Empower guests to participate in water and energy conservation.

– Educate guests about environmental protection.


A10. Health and Safety:

– Follow stringent environment, health, and safety protocols.

– Use environmentally friendly equipment and facilities.

– Ensure food safety through certification and training.


A11. Disaster Management:

– Implement disaster management plans, focusing on readiness, response, and recovery.

– Conduct regular fire drills and safety checks.



B1. Community Development:

– Support vocational training and skills development.

– Contribute to local healthcare and well-being.

– Preserve local culture and heritage.

– Protect the environment.


B2. Local Employment:

– Promote the recruitment and development of Maldivian nationals.

– Provide equal employment opportunities.


B3. Fair Trade:

– Procure goods and services ethically.

– Ensure compliance with relevant laws and ethical standards.


B4. Local Entrepreneurs

– Encourage local craftsmen and businessmen.

– Organize cultural events and activities.


B5. Respect the Local Population & Culture:

– Show respect for local values and beliefs.

– Safeguard Maldivian culture and involve the local community.


B6. Exploitation:

– Adhere to Maldivian labor laws.

– Implement policies against exploitation and harassment.


B7. Equitable Hiring:

– Promote diversity and equality.

– Fill positions based on competence.


B8. Colleague Protection:

– Ensure salaries and benefits meet regulations.

– Enforce workplace safety.

– Engage colleagues in welfare committees.


B9. Basic Services:

– Preserve local resources and services.

– Create secure job opportunities.


B10. Local Livelihood:

– Do not negatively impact neighboring communities.

– Contribute to local economies.


B11. Corruption and Bribery:

– Prohibit bribery and corruption in all forms.

– Uphold a strict code of conduct.



– Educate guests about local culture and customs.

– Protect historical sites and cultural heritage.

– Promote awareness of protected areas and local wildlife.



– Source locally-produced, organic goods.

– Prefer ethical and eco-friendly suppliers.

– Maintain native vegetation and minimize environmental impact.

– Do not use invasive species.

– Do not engage in unethical practices or trade of wildlife.

– Implement measures to minimize noise and pollution.

– Do not sell or display endangered species or unsustainable products.

– Educate guests on native wildlife and marine species.



Sustainability is an ongoing journey, and this plan will be reviewed annually to ensure continuous improvement.

We continuously measure and monitor:

  1. Electricity consumption
  2. Water consumption
  3. GHG emissions
  4. Amount of waste generated

Our Sustainability Management Plan is supported by various policies and procedures, including Environmental Policy, Health and Safety Policy, Business Ethics and Conduct Policy, Waste Management Plan, Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy, Environmental Impact Assessment Report, Landscaping Policy, Pollution Management Plan, Disaster Management Plan, and Green Book.


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